Chris Evans signing autographs for fans after the Before We Go screening on September 13th at the Toronto International Film Festival

Today I am off to Auckland and tomorrow, Europe. 

I am feeling on the one hand, sad and anxious, on the other extremely blessed to have the supportive and loving family and friends that I do. Some parts of today will be harder than others, and it’s only inevitable I feel the things I do and go through the motions that I need too. 

Mum will be okay, that I need to remind myself. She has all the support around her, Lou Lou and Kaeden at home with her, and we are in a good place with each other and will continue to support each other through this loss. Seb is in my soul and is my whole heart, and I miss him, and it’s hard to think he won’t be here when I come home, but he’s always , always with us, and he knows how much we love him and we know how much he loves us and wouldn’t want us to be sad all the time.

I have an amazing family, and I am going to go and make the best of this experience, and then I’ll be home again with them. I hope these few weeks are everything I had hoped for, even if bittersweet now. That’s okay because that’s just the way that it is now. I can still try, do what I can when I can, for my big boy and for my mum too.

I love them all so much.


when it turns 6am when they’re right outside your door





The best shots of F1 in the twilight